James Phelan Chasers series – Alone.  Gripping apocalyptic fiction read. Jesse, a 16 year old Australian visiting New York city on a UN Ambassador Camp, is on a subway with three other new UN friends he has made when an explosion rocks the train. The friends crawl out from the wreckage only to discover a city in chaos. So begins an amazing story. No speech marks was interesting and I loved the fact that the “Chasers” were not your typical zombies. I was surprised by the ending but really liked the twist. Will be reading Book 2 – Survivor as as soon as it arrives in the PCL! Book 1 – Alone is available now.

Alone - Book 1 - Chasers series by James Phelan

I attended this invaluable PD today and still thinking about the ideas……

I was inspired and very much admired Bialik College Principal Joseph Gurassi whose actions are speaking much louder than words. What a wonderful library they have created – certainly a place students and teachers would want to relax, read, gather and learn in. Excellent point Joseph made: we must not drag students back to the world we lived in, create a next generation learning space of flexible connected spaces used to think, talk and collaborate.

Erica McWilliam ( Co-leader Creative Workforce Programs in the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation) has lead me to believe I’m not just reconfiguring the space students are to learn in but how we think about learning and how we work when we are learning. T/Ls are to meddle in the middle of learning groups. It’s time to reinvent  the library to reflect the needs, style and preferences of today’s learners.

Lyn Hay (Lecturer in Teacher Librarianship at Charles Sturt University) reinforced my belief that function will inform the form of our library. What do we want the library to do? We must relate this back to the teaching and learning goals of SMC College. Once this space is built, the size, colour, appearance, layout, resources, technology and staffing should reflect  the message “this is a place we value”. And most importantly, we must not build a library space without library staff who are prepared to use it according to its function. Library staff must move with the times.

Linda Angeloni (Writer/researcher for the Ergo website) unpackaged the revamped Ergo State Library website showcasing a sample of the excellent SLV primary resources that have been digitized and can use used as valuable research and discussion spring boards with students. This will be a site I recommmend and remind our SOSE facililty to utilise. I look forward to Linda visiting SMC at an ERF meeting – SOSE faculty to be invited?

Pictures certainly tell a thousand words. And Susan La Marca (Head of Library, Genazzano FCJ College) used a great , inspiring collection of contemporary library spaces to stimulate a thousand thoughts about library design in terms of five key areas: Flexibility; Collaboration; Creativity; Efficiency and Inclusiveness. We must ensure our goals and planning are human centred, that is, we keep people at the fore front and not let technology drive our PCL design decisions.

We are entering an exciting time to reinvent the Pamela Coyne Library located at the Dalton Road Campus of St Monica’s College, Epping. To make it a place and space where students want to learn and be in, a space that is progressive in thinking and design, a place other schools will visit for inspiration, a space that has flexiblity to change arrangement if it doesn’t meet the learning needs of a group, a meeting place for planning and sharing,  a space that still holds dear library features that are and will always be, and a place that Monicans will be proud of.

Time now to think, talk and plan………….

I’ve decided I really like Dystopian fiction! Looking for a great futuristic read? Dystopian fiction a subgenre of –Speculative fiction asks the question – What if? What if something happened like the outbreak of a disease, huge, natural disaster or some incident happens in space that affects Earth. How would life change? How would people survive? Some of these Dystopian titles in the Pamela Coyne Library may interest you. Check them out today. Ask at the desk or check the catalogue.

I am presently reading Conspiracy 365 and it’s really got me captivated. This guy should have died so many times but he has a mystery to solve and is on the biggest adventure of his lifetime! And it really does involve his life as people are after him and he is on the run. If you love a good adventure story and one with a mystery thrown in – Conspiracy 365 is the series for you.  Cal Ormand teen fugitive’s challenge: “They killed your father. They’ll kill you. You must survive the next 365 days!” And so begins the adventure of staying alive for 12 months and searching for the truth about his family’s deadly secret.

Great news to read in Herald Sun, March 30, 2011 that Conspiracy 365 is being made into a 12 episode TV series.

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our new Library Blog – books@pcl.  We will be using this blog to chat about new (and not so new!) books we have in the Pamela Coyne Library. I’ll include news and links which might be of interest to you.  If you keep an eye on the site from time to time you will find that video clips will be added, webpage links for authors and books will appear, and lots of other news about books will be highlighted.

I hope this will be a blog that SMC students will contribute to, so if you have a book review or recommendation that you would like to write about, or a book or author related link that’s fabulous, then why not send it to me, Mrs Anderson through our school email system, and I can add it to the blog.

You will hear me talk about this blog when I have book chats with your class. The first ten students to leave a comment will get a special gift! So be the first!

I would love to hear about what you are reading.

Mrs Anderson